ZomBotany Game Pack 2 is the second Game Pack for the ZomBotany Mini Games, it has more new minigames. When you buy this, you unlock more minigames. It costs 30,000$ to buy. It features- ZomBotany Bowling, Zombotany Bonzana, Nimble Quick ZomBotany and Upgraded ZomBotany.

Descriptions: Edit

ZomBotany Bowling: Edit

"Ready for a bowling rematch? Yes you are! You'll be introduced to new ZomBotany Zombies, Giant ZomBotany Zombies are comming for you, along with a new type of a Nut, Explode o Nut Zombie. Let's get a bowling winner!!!!!"

ZomBotany Bonzana: Edit

"An icy attack had happened in Pool, it got many troubles like Ice Zombies, as they're comming to your house for a brain, now it's your choice to melt the ice before it freezes your plants, or you'll go to Zombieland".

Nimble Quick ZomBotany: Edit

"Wanna be fast? Look out, you have a lot of fast zombies, they're comming like a Pole Vaulting Zombies, they trained to run the fast as they can. Look out, they're about to eat your brains!"

Upgraded ZomBotany: Edit

"You have defeated Dr Zomboss, what you will face again? I know, ZomBotany that have grown heads of Upgrade plants, the return of the Gatling Pea Zombie, the new Twin Sunflower Zombies, the Gloom 3x3 zombie, the cat who shot spikes, the Spiking zombie who returns to annoying you , A golden zombie who steals Money, Freezing melon zombie who annoys you a lot, and the new Cob Corn explosion which kills everyone".

Unlocking it Edit

you need to beat the 5 first minigames of ZomBotany.