The ZomBotany game pack is a game pack that includes ZomBotany 3, ZomBotany 4 and ZomBotany 5. This game pack can be purchased for 20,000$. When you purchase it, you'll see a description of the minigames.

MiniGame Descriptions Edit

ZomBotany 3: Edit

"more Experimentals had happened, now the ZomBotany zombies have grown Catapults on their body, they are now planning to invade the roof and eat the player's brains. Now they're comming against you".

ZomBotany 4: Edit

"During the nighttime, graves had been stronger to be able to defeat plants, so the ZomBotany zombies are now invading the lawn at night but with Mushrooms on their heads".

ZomBotany 5: Edit

"They are strong to see through the Fog, they got new heads, they got more power, now you need to fight them in the Nighttime Backyard. They'll get their revenge back to kill all of the plants to eat your brains, now you have the power to win the fight for once!!!!!!!!!!!!"

How to unlock? Edit

When beating the first ZomBotany mini games.