Reverse is the 5th level in ZomBotany Fields. It has 3 flags first time and 4 flags second time, you get new zombies here, their names are- Spike Pea Zombie and Sunflower Flag Zombie. When you complete it first time, you get a Black Present, it contains a random ZomBotany Zombie that will appear in Survival: Zombotany (Endless). For example, when you get an extreme upgrade seed packet, you'll see an Extreme upgrade Zombie in 1,000+ flags.

Speech Edit

Hey! Your Super Mower's complete!

Good for you!

Aah! Zombotany Zombies!

Hey, I have an idea!

Since the zombies are trying to beat us at our own game...

  • has a Zomplant in his hand* why don't we try to beat THEM at THEIR own game?


Plants: Edit

Can be found here

Zombies: Edit

Can be found here