Zombotany Fields

ZomBotany Fields is an area in PvZ1, it features ZomBotany zombies outside of the minigames ZomBotany 1 and 2. When you unlock it first time, you'll get a note from the Zombies. You have 15 levels in this area, you also get ZomBotany zombiess' Almanac Entry, they'll be added in this vaction.

The Note: Edit

  • Iv u reed thiz, u wil get to know zombotany zombies bettur
  • n' ur lawn wil be megamix'd

The 10th level note: Edit

  • Hello,
  • we are launching a Hugh attack of ZomBotanies to your field, pls give us our brainz or you'll be our juicy drink
  • Sincerely, the ZomBotaniez.

The 15th level note: Edit

  • Brainz,
  • I am giz and I want to eat your plants because you hack the game, pls look out when we eat your brains
  • Because I am the strongest ZomBotany zombies
  • Sincerely, GiZ.

Levels Edit