GcC Zombie
Giga Cob Cannon Zombie


Same as every Giga ZomBotany Gargantuar.




Launches a Cob Corn every 10 Seconds, killing every Plants including Spikerock.


Umbrella Leafs (only 2 of them can deflect the Cob Cron) Spikerock (can stuns him even if he is ready to launch the Cob Corn).



Giga Cob Cannon Zombie is a Zombie who appears in Survival: Zombotany (Endless). He launches Cob Corn every 10 seconds, he throws 2 Kernel Pult Zombies when he is weakened. You need to use against him 2 Umbrella Leaves to deflect his Cob Corn, Spikerock can be used as a stunning plant, he stuns his ability until 9 smashes, the Kernel Pult Zombie is thrown 2 times by the Giga Cob Cannon Zombie, they will Paralyze the Plants and they'll ignore the Pumpkins