GwN Zombie
Giant Wall Nut Zombie




144 NDS


He is the strongest Nut in PvZ1, can survive more than 1 instant kill


Chomper and Tangle Kelp.

Giant Wall Nut Zombie is a ZomBotany zombie who appear in ZomBotany Bowling. He is the strongest Wall Nut in PvZ1, he can die by 2 Instant kills except Cob Cannon, Chomper and Tangle Kelp. He has a rare chance to appear in Survival: Zombotany (Endless). He absorbs 144 NDS and he changes his appearance upon 48, 96 and 139 before dying at 144 NDS. As he is the strongest Nut Zombie in PvZ1, he can be killed by only 1 Cob Corn, when Tangle Kelp pulling him down to the water and when bitten by a Chomper.